Bill W I had never heard of Fiona Kingdon before.  She is an amazing talent, blending creative artistry with impressive craftsmanship to create these unique and beautiful works of art.  In the4 20+ years or so that I've been scrolling, I've been blessed and humbled to see traditional scrolling branch off into so many different directions.  It truly has been a site to behold and Ms. Kingdon's work just takes it up another notch.  I wonder if her work/patterns will ever make it into the scrolling mainstream?  She deserves recognition for what she has accomplished.

Steve "I just can't seem to find the right word to describe the beauty and grace of those works

“None of us has ever seen anything to compare, and like myself, all are humbled after seeing your work”

I was truly stunned when I saw her work. And the more I looked into her, the more I kept coming across. Truly world class!

Tamsin R
Absolutely stunning. These are beautiful, wonderful things, full of life and energy, and created with extraordinary skill.

Geoff W -I have just taken delivery of an exquisite Three Hares piece - beautiful fretwork in an oak plaque - how DO you do this Fiona? It is impossibly fine! If anyone out there is thinking about buying a piece from Fiona - stop thinking about it and do it. You will be glad you did.

Best Made Local -  Stony Stratfod visitor comments:

‘beautiful pieces and quality precision work’ ‘exquisite work ’ ‘very artistic’ ‘stunning’ ‘never seen anything like it before almost lace like’ ‘clever &  creative”

David S “Thanks again, I cannot fault your product or service and would be delighted to purchase more artwork from you in the future”

Cheryl D  “I love it - thank you so much! The good news is I love the work even more 'in the wood' - many thanks!   “The detail involved in your work is incredible and the colour and detail in the oak really compliment the piece”

Bug Bear - Weird and Wonderful Wood visitor – “My favourite works of the whole show was  this lady Fiona Kingdon was showing some jaw dropping stuff for all that wonderful creativity skill and effort she was charging just £75 was strikes me as cheap. “Some of her pieces entailed blind hole blade changing numbered in the hundreds

UK workshop forum  CHJ / powertools," There was a young lady there showing some brilliant examples of her scroll work, I spent some time discussing the details of how she worked and complimenting her on the fine detail of her work. Some of her work was astounding for its complexity and fine cutting detail. But alongside that dense detail work were other very subtle pieces such as this (link) Which to me shouts Art as much as Craft”.

Re: “Wow! I can see why you were engrossed, spectacular skill involved and a great artistic ability too”